Do You Need Local SEO?

If your target market is either people who can drive to you or vice versa, then local SEO is the only digital marketing you need to worry about. People in Houston aren’t going to endure a four hour road trip to Dallas to visit a BBQ joint, and people in Dallas aren’t going to request HVAC services from a company in Houston. This is why local SEO focuses on the immediate area and surrounding communities.

Google is getting better. You may have noticed that they often show users results from nearby businesses because that simply makes sense. People need local results for the majority of things they eat, order, request, or buy. Are you a local business that offers that? If so, you can benefit from our local approach to search engine optimization. Put our local SEO strategy to work for your business!

Which picture below best illustrates your current digital marketing battle plan?

Our specialized SEO strategies give you the ability to control the battlefield. (That means Google.)

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We take one aspect of your business and a keyword or keyphrase you want to rank for and wrap a 5-10 page, fully loaded SEO website around it. Give the readers – and Google – want they want: streamlined, informative websites.


We craft SEO-friendly articles that answer the questions your target market is asking. Then we add them to your website and distribute them across various platforms in order to widen your industry expertise across the web.


Your company’s Facebook page is a powerful tool if properly implemented. Just like your website, the right kind of backlinks can show Google and the other search engines that your page is the authority of your industry.

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